SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 292560

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Plate 181 is an elevation view from the north showing Lazonby and Kirkoswald station in 1939. The photographer is standing alongside the extensive cattle pens for eight wagons, provided for the large volume of livestock traffic generated here (/location-summaries/structure-292640).  Although the year is 1939, the station is still in its Midland Railway guise. Note, particularly, the fencing, the tall nameboard, and swan-neck water crane (/location-summaries/structure-292630).  The stationmaster’s house (/location-summaries/structure-292590) is seen on the left together with the passenger platform (up) (/location-summaries/structure-292580) and the passenger waiting room (up) (/location-summaries/structure-292550).

On the right of the image is the passenger platform (down) (/location-summaries/structure-292570) and the Main Building and Booking Office.

Plate 182 is an elevation view from the south of Lazonby and Kirkoswald station in August 1966.  This is a fine view of a No 2 medium-size station.  Kirkoswald was added to the name from July 1895.  The station became an unstaffed halt on 2 January 1967, and closed to passengers on 4 May 1970.

The image shows the main station building and booking office on the passenger platform (down) (/location-summaries/structure-292570).  In the distance are the swan-neck water column (/location-summaries/structure-292630) and the goods shed (/location-summaries/structure-292740).

Figure 71 shows the Lazonby and Kirkoswald track layout from a Midland Railway survey of 1911.

Plate 184 shows detail of the screen to the waiting area, on the platform side of the medium-sized station building at Lazonby, retains all the features of the original design.