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Various sources

Birth registered Jan-March 1848 Rugby

Jan-March 1872 married Leicester.

His four children were born at Heage, Derbys between c1873-1880. (Heage is about a mile or so  from Ambergate so he was likely employed on the P.W. there.)

1881  6 New Chester Street, Derby Sub  inspector (Midland Railway)

June 1908  G. Rogers [sic]  P. W. Superintendent, Leicester District (M.R. Appendix No.23) At the same time W. H. Banks is shown as Superintendent, Camp Hill so had transferred back to his old district, very likely a straight swap with Rodgers.

Died 24th February 1909 of 15 Hobart St. Leicester
Midland Railway Superintendent of Permanent Way.
Effects of £109.12s 8d to Ellen Rodgers, widow.

Census of England and Wales, 1891

Residence: 140 Toadmoor (Ambergate), Derbyshire
Age last birthday: 43
Occupation: Inspector Midland Railway
Where born: Rugby
Spouse: Ellen Rodgers

Census of England and Wales, 1901

Residence: 25 Calton Terrace, Carleton Road, Skipton, Yorkshire
Occupation: Superintendent, Midland Railway, Way & Works Dept.
Age last birthday: 53
Spouse: Ellen Rodgers

Signal Alterations Book No. 3
[Midland Railway Study Centre item ref. RFBMCT11338]
Minute No. 17264 15/6/1899 - Northern division of line, revision of supt.'s districts

The Engineer recommended that in order to facilitate the working of the Northern Division of the Line, that the present Superintendent's Districts be reduced in mileage, and that a new District should be created as follows:

District Present Single Line Mileage Proposed Single Line Mileage
Manchester 279 220
Leeds 338 253
Carlisle 351 250
Nottingham 347 328
Sheffield (New) n/a 265

In order to carry out these proposals it is further recommended that Supt. Johnson be removed to the Manchester District with an increase of salary from £260 to £280 per annum, Supt. Bird be removed to the new Sheffield District with an increase of salary from £270 to £300 per annum & that Inspector Geo. Rodgers of Ambergate, be appointed Superintendent on the Carlisle District, at a salary of £160 per annum, from the 1st instant in each case.

Resolved: That the arrangement be agreed to, and that Supt. Johnson & Bird's increase of salary be recommended to the Board for adoption.

Way & Works Committee 21227 7/7/1905 – 22516 7/6/1907
Minute No. 22318 14/2/1907 - Birmingham District, Permanent Way Superintendents.
[RAIL 491/124: Midland Railway Company: Records. MINUTES OF MEETINGS. Way & Works Committee. 1905 - 1907. Held by The National Archives, Kew. Former references: in its original department: MID1/123 (Public Record)]

The Engineer reported the death of Mr George Horton Superintendent of the Birmingham District, who died on the 3rd instant after 40 years service & recommended the following appointments in fill the vacancy [sic].

Superintendent W.H. Banks to be transferred from the Leicester to Birmingham District & his salary increased from £200 to £225 per annum.

Superintendent George Rodgers to be transferred from the Settle & Carlisle to the Birmingham District & his salary increased from £270 to £290 per annum.

Inspector Charles A. Hart to be appointed Superintendent of the Settle & Carlisle District at a salary of £160 per annum.

The appointments to date from the 1st proximo.

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