Reference sources - 2: Operating the line

Online resources

Printed publications

Hundreds of books and articles about the Settle-Carlisle Railway have been published over the decades. The following have been identified as being particularly useful as they contain significant quantities of original, well-researched material (i.e. text, plans, historic photographs, etc). Many of the books listed below are out of print, although they do occassionally appear on the second-hand market. Some of those that are still in print may be available from FoSCL's online shop: for a list of the titles currently in stock, see:


  • Cumbrian Railways Association, The: “The Midland’s Settle & Carlisle Distance Diagrams”, The Cumbrian Railways Association (1992).
  • Fawcett, Dick: "Ganger, Guard and Signalman: Working Memories of the Settle and Carlisle", Bradford Barton (1981).
  • Hall, Stanley: "BR signalling handbook", Ian Allan Ltd (1992).
  • Mitchell, W.R: “Life on the Settle-Carlisle Railway: anecdotes collected from railwaymen and their families”, Dalesman (1984).
  • Mitchell, W.R: “Men of the Settle-Carlisle - railwaymen talk to W.R. Mitchell”, Dalesman (1985).
  • Mitchell, W R & Fox, Peter: “Locomotives seen on the Settle-Carlisle, Castleberg (1992).
  • Swift, John: “British Railways Layout Plans of the 1950s - Volume 12: Carlisle to Leeds and associated branches and joint lines”, Signalling Record Society Publications (1999)

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The list of potentially useful / interesting reference sources is now far too long for a single page, so it has been split into five separate pages - one for each of the following sections:

  1. Building the line
  2. Operating the line
  3. Historic Structures
  4. Conservation & Archaeology
  5. General Reference

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This list of reference sources was compiled by Mark R. Harvey. (© Mark R. Harvey, all rights reserved.)