Reference sources - 3: Historic Structures

Note: This page lists sources that only relate only to historic structures. Additional relevant material is also listed in the 'General Reference' section.

Online resources

  • The National Heritage List: Historic England maintains "National Heritage List for England (NHLE)" which contains details of all the listed buildings in England. This can be accessed at:
  • Online searches for specific structures can be frustrating as the structure names and keywords used in the structure entries are not always what one might expect: the best way to find the entry for a specific structure is to use the 'Advanced search' page and to quote the 'List Entry Number'.
  • Understanding Historic Buildings: A 2016 Historic England publication entitled "Understanding Historic Buildings: A Guide to Good Recording Practice" - 64-pages, downloadable in pdf format from:
  • Midland Railway mileposts: An interesting (and easy-to-read) essay by John Gough entitled "Midland Railway Mile Posts" (1998-9) is available to download from the Midland Railway Society's website:
  •  Garsdale Station and Moorcock Cottages : An unpublished fieldwork report produced in 2008 by Ed Dennison Archaeological Services Ltd for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority entitled "Garsdale Station and Moorcock Cottages, Garsdale Head, Garsdale, Cumbria and North Yorkshire: Pennine Bridleway Phase 1 Archaeological Survey" can be downloaded from:

Printed publications

Hundreds of books and articles about the Settle-Carlisle Railway have been published over the decades. The following have been identified as being particularly useful as they contain significant quantities of original, well-researched material (i.e. text, plans, historic photographs, etc). Many of the books listed below are out of print, although they do occassionally appear on the second-hand market. Some of those that are still in print may be available from FoSCL's online shop: for a list of the titles currently in stock, see


  • Anderson, V.R. & Fox, G.K.: "Stations & structures of the Settle & Carlisle Railway", Oxford Publishing Company (1986). This seminal work is a vital read for anyone interested in the historic structures of the Settle-Carlisle Railway. [UPDATE: A new paperback edition was published on April 16th 2014 by Oxford Publishing Co. The content of the 2014 edition is identical to the 1986 edition except for the paperback covers (which are illustrated with a pair of full-page colour photographs) and the insertion of 39 full or half-page colour photographs at the rear of the book.]
  • Binney, Marcus & Pearce, David (Ed.): “Railway Architecture” Orbis Publishing Ltd (1979) and Bloomsbury Books (1985)
  • Mitchell, W R: “Ribblehead Reborn” Castleberg (1995).
  • Mitchell, W R: “Ribblehead: The story of the great viaduct on the Settle-Carlisle line”, Kingfisher Productions (2015).
  • Mitchell, W R & Fox, Peter: “The Story of the Ribblehead Viaduct” Castleberg (1990, revised 2001).
  • Perriam, Denis & Rammshaw, David: "Carlisle Citadel Station: 150 Years a Railway Centre" P3 Publications (1998)

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This list of reference sources was compiled by Mark R. Harvey. (© Mark R. Harvey, all rights reserved.)