SCRCA Project: Notes regarding data control, copyright and usage

The following information relates to ALL material associated with the SCRCA Project.


The copyright for all SCRCA Project material remains with the original supplier / creator (as appropriate) unless otherwise stated. In all cases, permission has been sought and subsequently obtained from the relevant rights holder(s) prior to uploading the material to the SCRCA Project database.

Database rights

The SCRCA Project database was conceived, designed and developed by Mark R. Harvey and database rights have been asserted. The design and structure of this database must NOT be used or copied - in full or in part - without prior written consent from Mark R. Harvey. The Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line (FoSCL) has been granted a licence to host the SCRCA Project database on the FoSCL website in return for its active support of the SCRCA Project and the project's stated objectives. This licence may be reviewed and / or revoked at any time.

Data usage

The text, images and other material associated with the SCRCA Project database must NOT be copied or re-used in any form without prior written permission from Mark R. Harvey and, where applicable, ALL other relevant rights holders.

Data control

If you need to contact the Data Controller for the SCRCA Project database, please use the dedicated SCRCA Project Contact Form.