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General Manager's Department Document Circular dated January 1st, 1889
[Midland Railway Study Centre item ref. RFBMCT03036]

Appointment of Peter Service McCallum as Company Estate Agent.

Census of England and Wales, 1891

Name: Peter S Mc Collum [sic]
Spouse: Sarah J Mc Collum [sic]
Birth: abt 1849 - Plymouth, Devon
Residence: 1891 - 139 Osmaston Road, Derby.
Occupation: Land Agent

Census of England and Wales, 1901

Name: Peter Service McCallum
Spouse: Sarah Jane McCallum
Birth: abt 1849 - Plymouth, Devon
Residence: 139 Osmaston Road, Derby
Occupation: Estate Agent (Midland Railway).

Census of England and Wales, 1911

Number of Schedule: 344
Name: Peter Service McCallum
Spouse: Sarah Jane McCallum
Age last birthday: 62
Residence: 139 Osmaston Road, Derby [2 Apr 1911].
Occupation: Estate Agent, Midland Railway.

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966

Name: Peter Service McCallum
Died: 3rd March 1925, Derby (In the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary - residence; Holly Bush House, 139 Osmaston Road, Derby.)

Signal Alterations Book No.3
[Midland Railway Study Centre item ref. RFBMCT13338]

November 20th 1902: Mr McCallum met with an accident in Mc McDonalds office by slipping down on oilcloth; was in bed until Jan 9, ’03. Returned to office Feb 17/1903.

Signalling Alterations Book No. 5
[Midland Railway Study Centre item ref. RFBMCT13340]

August 1913: Mr. McCallum Resigns and Mr. Clay is appointed Estate Agent.

Signal Alterations Book No. 6
[Midland Railway Study Centre item ref. RFBMCT13341]

Distance Office and Staff transferred from the Estate Agent to the Midland Division Engineer as from 2.7.1923. Finished in No.1 Office Aug 31st. Mr. Simmons and Mr. Sanderson.

Various sources

At least two of Peter Service McCallum's children were employed by the Midland Railway Company:

  • Robert Towson McCallum; and
  • Percy McCallum. (According to research undertaken by Peter Witts of the Midland Railway Society, Percy was a pupil at the loco works and was thus engaged in all aspects of the engineering side as part of his pupillage. Most interestingly he spent six months as a special apprentice on the Pennsylvania Railroad at Altoona. He later became District Locomotive Superintendent at Sheffield. Luckily his Midland Loco Dept staff record survives as does details of his membership of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.)

Background note supplied by Tony Overton of the Midland Railway Society:

"The W & W Minutes record that [Peter Service] McCallum had been appointed in 1873 to work in Mr Gratton's office (the then Land Agent, later retitled as Estate Agent) specifically to "revise land plans" - specific work authorised the previous year. The revision work was however not followed through. In additional to McCallum other staff had also been appointed to assist with the revision, but due to an increase in work in the office generally, they were put on ordinary work, and no attempt was made to proceed with the work that they had been been appointed to deal with. In 1889 McCallum succeeded Gratton  as 'Estate Agent'. No sooner is he in charge than he asks for and gets additional staff for his department. Then in Feb. 1891 McCallum high lights (minuted) the situation with regard to the 1872 revision work, asks for and gets more additional staff, and is given permission to proceed at once with the (1872) revision work."

Background note supplied by Peter Witts of the Midland Railway Society:

"I found details of P. S. McCallum's appointment in the Way & Works records (£400 p.a. , a tidy sum at the time) Whilst in Plymouth he had been a surveyor and I have yet to find if he was on the railway before his appointment. Checking the amendments to the distance diagrams, his signature appears at the bottom and is succeeded by Clay."

General Notes

As yet, no primary sources have been found that directly connect this individual with the Skipton - Settle - Appleby - Carlisle area.


The summary above was complied by Mark R. Harvey from information kindly provided by a number of individuals including Dave Harris ( Study Centre Co-ordinator, Midland Railway Study Centre, Derby) and members of the Midland Railway Society.

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