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Census of England and Wales, 1911

Number of Schedule: 344
Residence: 139 Osmaston Road, Derby.
               [living with parents - see SCRCA Project: Biographical information for Peter Service McCallum]
Occupation: Civil Engineer for Railway Company.
Age last birthday: 28, Single

Institution of Civil Engineers, Form A, for election
(application to become an Associate Member of the I.C.E. - extract of key details only)

Robert Towson McCallum of 139 Osmaston Road, Derby . . . born on the twenty-second day of October 1882

Educated at Derby School . . . Period 6 years 1894 to 1900.

Pupilage under the late Mr J. A. McDonald M.I.C.E. Period 3 years 1900 and 1903 + 1906 to present time [8th October 1907].

Scientific Training at Kings College, London University between 1904 and 1906.

At the present time [8th October 1907] engaged as Assistant in New Works Office, Engn'r Dept. Midland Rly.

History sheets of clerical staff who retired between the years 1923 and 1937.
[RAIL 426/14 3. Held by The National Archives, Kew. Former references: in its original department: LMS 15/14 (1-5) (Public Record)]

Name: McCallum Robert Towson
Department: Chief Engineer's (Midland)
Born: 22/10/1882

Appointments, advances, etc. Salary £ Date
Entered service: Asst. New Works Derby 60 1/9/1902
Assistant New Works Derby 80 1/1/1904
Resigned to take Degree   30/9/1904
Assistant New Works Derby 100 26/11/1906
  120 1/1/1908
  140 1/1/1910
Assistant Northern Division   15/12/1910
Asst. Northern Division 160 1/1/1912
Asst. Western Division   26/2/1912
  200 1/1/1913
O.H.M.S.   23/9/1914
  365 1/8/1919
Resumed as Chf. Asst. N.Divl..Engr.Leeds 430 13/9/1920
Temporarily assisting Central Divn. Derby   3/4/1922
  480 1/7/1922
Chf. Asst. N.Divl..Engr.Leeds   3/5/1923
Res. Engr. Barnt Green   19/3/1924
  600 1/1/1925
Res. Engr. Derby   13/3/1925
New Works Asst. Derby (40229) 750 5/1/1927
Asst. to Div: Mgr: Derby (40430) 850 1/4/1929
Dist. Engineer, Derby South (40640 40650) 1,000 1/1/1932
Sick   4/5/1933
Deceased   19/5/1934


McCALLUM Robert Towson of Pennfield Pen-lane Melbourne Derbyshire died 19 May 1934 Probate Nottingham 4 September to Gwenyth Mary McCallum widow Percy McCallum railway official and Arthur Sidney Moore solicitor. Effects £3531 17s. 8d.

General Notes

As yet, no primary sources have been found that directly connect this individual with the Skipton - Settle - Appleby - Carlisle area.


The summary above was complied by Mark R. Harvey from information kindly provided by a number of individuals including Dave Harris ( Study Centre Co-ordinator, Midland Railway Study Centre, Derby) and members of the Midland Railway Society.

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