SCRCA Image: 2343xx_19xx-xx-xx_BSw_JN_Settle-South-Junction-Sidings_Context-From-S

Settle South Junction Sidings: context view from the south
Image Notes

Description: A context view of Settle South Junction Sidings from the south. Milepost 234¼ is clearly visible towards the right-hand side of the image. In the distance (centre-top), the 'Down' platform Waiting Room, Yard Office and the roof of the former main station building and booking office for Settle Junction Station are just visible.

Date: Not known.

General notes: This image forms part of Bob Swallow's personal collection. Its clarity / quality has been adversely affected by the transfer from print to 35mm slide and, more recently, from slide to digital image. However, it is still clear enough to provide interesting and valuable information.