SCRCA Glossary Term: Current Use

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SCRCA Glossary Term
Current Use
SCRCA Glossary Definition (Short version)

How (for what purpose) the site or structure is currently being used. The classifications are explained briefly in the extended definition, but they are broadly self-explanatory: Agricultural, Commercial, Conserved, Demolished, Disused, Domestic, Museum, Railway ops, Relocated, Residential, or Unknown.

SCRCA Glossary Definition (Extended version)

How (for what purpose) is the site or structure currently being used?

  • Agricultural = Used for animal grazing, crop-growing or other agricultural activities.
  • Commercial = Used as an office, retail unit, manufacturing space, transport / warehousing depot or other commercial purpose.
  • Conserved = Conserved for interpretation value but otherwise disused.
  • Demolished = The structure has been wholly or substantially demolished / removed.
  • Disused = It is clear that the structure is not currently being used for any purpose.
  • Domestic = Used for non-residential domestic purposes - e.g. domestic storage.
  • Heritage Exhibit = A static display for interpretation purposes and / or to help create an historic 'atmosphere'.
  • Memorial = Used as a monument or memorial.
  • Museum = Used as a museum / visitor centre.
  • Not Applicable = This classification is not relevant for the location in question.
  • Railway ops = Anything directly connected with operating or maintaining the railway at the time of the assessment. NB: All bridges and crossings are assigned 'Railway ops' as their primary purpose was / is to carry the railway over, across or under an obstruction, be it a watercourse, public right-of-way, or private access route.
  • Relocated = The structure has been relocated (moved) to a new location. This classification is used for the original location. (The structure in its new location will have its own entry in the database.)
  • Residential = Used as a home or as holiday accommodation or similar.
  • Unknown = The site / structure has either not yet been assessed; or its current use could not be determined at the time of the most recent assessment and it has not been determined since that assessment.

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