SCRCA Heritage Hotspot 10: Lazonby and Kirkoswald Station

This page allows you to 'virtually visit' the Lazonby & Kirkoswald Station section of the Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area (SCRCA). The responsive grid below shows all of the assessed standing structures at (or within walking distance of) the station.   Show / hide tips

  • As this page is intended to encourage and inform a 'real world' visit, structures are only displayed if they are visible from a publicly accessible location and if a default image is available.
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  • To view additional information and / or images relating to a location, click / tap on the location's name / brief description.
  • To view details of ALL the structures and sites in the area, regardless of their status etc., use the Gazetteer.

Practical Considerations

If you are considering a 'real world' visit to Lazonby and Kirkoswald Station, you might like to note the following:

  • The station lies within the small village of Lazonby. Kirkoswald is an even smaller village located approximately one and a half miles away (on the opposite side of the River Eden).
  • All of the structures featured on this page are visible from the station platforms, the station car-park and / or the station approach road.
  • Useful information for rail-passengers (e.g. details of station facilities, fares and train times) can be obtained from the following: