SCRCA Formal Description for Dent Station Master's House

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Station Master’s house by the Midland Railway. c1877. Two storeys, rendered limestone walls with ashlar quoins to all external angles and openings exposed. Pitched slated roofs on generally common ridge lines. Stone chimney stacks, one single stack, one multiple stack.  Gables and eaves on all elevations with perforated timber bargeboards, horizontal plain. Timber doors.  Modern timber windows probably double-glazed to match original designs, all with horizontal heads. Porch to main entrance, with pitched roofs. Walled open yard on north east elevation altered, with original service building parallel to public road demolished and rebuilt with modern single storey building. Extensions to north east and north west elevations. Two-flight access stair leads down from main entrance on south east elevation to station access road at lower level.

North east elevation A facing railway: 2 bays, left: modern single storey extension with slated roof as extension to main roof slope; single 4-light window to new north east wall. Right: first floor 4-light window as dormer with bargeboards, ground floor opening with glazed door.  Multiple chimney stack centred on ridge. To right in front, gable of new single storey service building adjacent to public road boundary; in rear two storey extension with first floor 4-light window. Horizontal bargeboards plain, those to gables and dormer perforated.

South east elevation B facing station access road and main station building: 3 bays, left: porch in angle between bays one and two, rendered stone walls. Centre: projecting gable with first floor 4-light window and ground floor 6-light window. Right: single storey extension to north east elevation, roof slope as extension to main roof, with 6-light window. Main stack on ridge line, smaller stack on ridge line of bay one at right angles to centre bay main gable ridge.

South west elevation C facing entrance to station access road from public road: 3 bays: left: two-storey extension to flank of centre bay, first floor 4-light window, ground floor opening blocked, plain timber bargeboard. Centre: projecting gable, first floor 4-light window, ground floor 6-light window; perforated bargeboards to gable. Smaller and main stacks on ridge line of this bay. Right: porch formed in angle with projecting gable on elevation B.

North west elevation D facing public road: 3 bays, left: modern single storey extension as noted in elevation A. Centre: plain; main stack on ridge line. Right: modern extension to flank of projecting gable on elevation C with circular blocked opening in upper part of gable wall. Smaller stack on this ridge line. Across centre and left bays, a new stone wall on public road boundary forms rear wall of the new single storey service building.


1: The design of this Station Master’s House differed from those of the generally uniform design at nearly all other Settle & Carlisle stations, but similar materials were used. It is assumed the design and construction were specifically adapted to take account of the extremely exposed location. The house has been heavily altered in recent years.

2: The house stands to the north of the former main station building in a sloping open area bounded on the north east by the railway, on the south east by the station access road and on the north west by the public road, the “Coal Road”. A modern single storey garage building with rendered walls and pitched slated roof stands below the house with access off the station access road.

3: The house was sold by the British Railways Board after 1963 into private residential use. It is not listed.

Acknowledgements and revision history

This formal description was prepared by Richard J. A. Tinker from photographs. It was last updated on 9th July 2020.