SCRCA Note: Masons hut - the permanent-way hut beside Blea Moor Tunnel south portal

Submitted by mark.harvey / Sat, 17/11/2012 - 16:45
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The unusual angle of this hut relative to the running lines has yet to be explained. One possible explanation is that the hut dates from the period of the line's construction and that it was originally built and used for a different purpose (perhaps a tool store for the masons?), only becoming a platelayers' hut at a later date. The name may, however, be derived from the name of one of the foremen of the Blea Moor tunnel track-gang as naming huts after the relavant forman was a common practice. The unusual angle dates back to at least 1911 as the landplan shows a structure labelled "Masons Hut" at this location and at precisely this angle