SCRCA Note: Rebuilding of bridges SAC/21 and SAC/25 during October 2020

Submitted by mark.harvey / Wed, 28/10/2020 - 17:53
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The decks of Bridge SAC/21 ('Banks') and Bridge SAC/25 ('Fosters') were replaced during a five day full engineering possession between 24th and 28th October, 2020. The new pre-built decks were lifted into place by crane after the old decks had been removed and preparatory works had been completed. In both cases, the majority of the existing abutments and wing walls were retained, although the new decks are sigificantly more prominent than the originals. The composite image below shows the replacement work in progress for Bridge SAC/21.

Composite image: three photographs showing the bridge works in full swing.

Sources / Further Reading

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