SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 253390

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Plate 62 is a context view from the north west from May 1966.  The fences on the fell-side were built in an attempt to prevent heavy snow drifting on to the track (see SCRCA structure 253040). The waiting shelter on the up line is built into the hillside, (see SCRCA structure 253370) a retaining wall provided at the back of the platform.  Passenger facilities were removed on 4 May 1971 although the station had been unstaffed for about three years.

Plate 64 is a context view from the south from circa 1910.  Although goods facilities were provided, they were minimal with crane, coal and cattle all being served from one siding.  These facilities were withdrawn from 1 October 1964.  The stationmaster’s house (see SCRCA structure 253450) can be seen behind the station building and was double-glazed to combat the rigours of the winter winds and in addition three sides of the house were covered with slates.  A non-standard timber building to the left of the yard acted as a weigh office.

Figure 27 shows the track layout at Dent Station based on information from Midland Railway surveys of 1876 and 1913.  In 1964 the up lie-by was recovered and, coincidentally with signal box closure (1981), the sidings on the down side and the crossover were removed.