SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 253890

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Plate 69 is a typical winter image from October 1963 looking north towards Rise Hill Tunnel south portal (see SCRCA structure 254130).  In the foreground is Bridge 99 in course of reconstruction.  The original stone arch of 1873 had to be rebuilt.  To allow continuance of traffic, temporary weighbeams were inserted whilst work proceeded beneath.  It is likely that the work was conducted by staff from Skipton District Engineer's Office.  The weighbeams would be on loan from a girder yard such as those set up by the Midland Company at Leeds and Lenton, where suitable recoverable items of steel, wrought iron or cast iron were stored.

Plate 70 is a side view showing the heavy propping of the abutments during reconstruction.  The arch centring has been installed in readiness for brickwork to form the new arch replacing the original stone arch, and stone facing was provided.  Note the malleable iron fencing at each side of the road, which had been adopted as standard in 1909.