SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 256700

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Plate 77 is an excellent context view B&W photograph taken in ["circa 1960"] from the south showing the track layout and relative position of key many of the structures in the station area. Garsdale (formerly Hawes Junction) Signal Box is just visible in the distance. The 'up' main and 'up' branch starting signals are also clearly visible and the text statest that the bracketed lattice post of the latter ["appeared in September 1942 as a replacement for an ordinary timber post signal"].

Figure 32 shows the track layout for the Garsdale entire station area as derived from 1903 and 1911 M.R. surveys: the location of this structure is clearly marked.

Figure 33 shows the 1956 signalling diagram for Garsdale Signal Box.

Plate 79 is  B&W elevation view of Garsdale Signal Box taken in 1963. The accompanying text states that this box was larger than most of the others on the line, that it was ["brought into use on 10th July 1910"], that it was then known as 'Hawes Junction' and that it replaced the earlier 'Hawes Junction North' (see Structure 256760) and 'Hawes Junction South' signal boxes (see Structure 256540). The lever-frame is quoted as being ["a 40 lever tappet frame (6in. centres)"]. The closure date is given as 1983, but mention is made of a one-day reopening to handle WCML diversions on 17th Nov 1983.

Plate 81  is a useful B&W context view taken 1970 from the Coal Road - looking west across the station. Garsdale Signal Box is just visible in the distance.

Plate 82 is a useful B&W context view taken in ["circa 1905"] from the south end of the 'down' platform and looking north. Garsdale Signal Box is just visible in the distance.