SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 259710

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Figure 36 is a diagram of the track layout at Ais Gill, based upon information from a Midland Railway survey of 1913 and an LMS survey of 1938.

Plate 100 is a context view of the summit of the line at Ais Gill taken on 29 July 1965. 

Plate 101 is a view from 1963.  The signal box was brought into use on 26 April 1890, replacing an earlier structure at a cost of £250 (W & W Committee Minute No 17517, 3/11/1889).  It was a wood construction, 16ft 6in x 11ft 6in x 8ft, contained a 16 lever tumbler frame, closed on 28 January 1981 and was subsequently removed to a preservation railway.

Plate 102 is Ais Gill in May 1961.

Figure 37 is a signalling diagram for Ais Gill, based upon information available for 1963.