SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 259720

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Figure 36 is a diagram of the track layout at Ais Gill, based upon information from a Midland Railway survey of 1913 and an LMS survey of 1938.

Plate 100 is a context view of the summit of the line at Ais Gill taken on 29 July 1965.  The lie by sidings were provided for the refuge of slower trains.

Plate 101 is a view from 1963.  The signal box was brought into use on 26 April 1890, replacing an earlier structure at a cost of £250 (W & W Committee Minute No 17517, 3/11/1889).  It was a wood construction, 16ft 6in x 11ft 6in x 8ft, contained a 16 lever tumbler frame, closed on 28 January 1981 and was subsequently removed to a preservation railway.

Plate 102 is Ais Gill in May 1961 with the buffers of the down lie by siding in the foreground.