SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 268670

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Plates 119, 120 and 121 show differing views of Smardale Viaduct.  Plate 119 shows the east face in October 1964 crossing Scandal (or Smardale) Beck.  At 130ft it was the tallest structure on the line and is constructed of grey limestone.  There are 12 openings , each with a 45ft span.  The fourth and tenth piers are strengthened king piers.

The ruling grade of 1 in 100 commences at the north end of the viaduct, marking a steepening of the Eden Valley that continues to the summit at Ais Gill.

The permanent way cabin pictured in Plate 120 (also referred to as platelayers' huts) is of a style repeated frequently along the route.

Plate 121 shows an image from August 1961 of the southern most opening of the Viaduct crossing the single track line from Kirkby Stephen (East) to Tebay, a section of the North Eastern Railway.

The Viaduct marked the end of Contract No 2.  After five years of construction, Mrs Agnes Crossley, wife of the Engineer, laid the last stone on 8 June 1875.