SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 269740

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Plate 127 is a photograph of Crosby Garrett from about 1900.  It shows the Main Building and Booking Office and on the left the Stationmaster's House (/location-summaries/structure-269790).  In the foreground is the Cattle Dock (/location-summaries/structure-269830) and following the Passenger Platform (Up) (/location-summaries/structure-269770) into the photograph you come to the three arch bridge on the right (/location-summaries/structure-269800).  

Visible under the bridge pier is the Waitiing Room (Up) (/location-summaries/structure-269740) which is set into the retaining wall and, unusually, is on the same platform as the Main Building.

Plate 128 is an image from 1964 looking south (and possibly taken from the three arch bridge (/location-summaries/structure-269800)) by which time all traffic had ceased to use Crosby Garrett some eight years before the picture was taken.  By May 1964 the platforms (/location-summaries/structure-269770) had been graded and the waiting shelter on the up platform had been removed.

For some reason the the down side shelter (/location-summaries/structure-269730) had a reprieve.

The bridge in the background (/location-summaries/structure-269660) had been reconstructed in 1923, using recovered wrought-iron lattice girders to replace timber lattice girders.