SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 283350

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Plate 150 is a context view from the south around the beginning of the 19th century.  This was another station with a small type building.  The goods facilities here were not extensive; the cattle dock was proposed for five wagons. 
The tall five span over bridge (Bridge No 273 - Park Wood (occupation) ( /location-summaries/structure-283870) in the distance connects the two parts of Park Wood which was bisected by the coming of the railway.

On the right of the image is the main station building and booking office.  Just visible is the lie-by siding (up) (/location-summaries/structure-283450) which passed behind the northern end of the platform (see Fig 57).

On the left of the image is the waiting room on the down platform (/location-summaries/structure-283320).  North of the down platform is the lie-by siding (down) (/location-summaries/structure-283460).

Plate 151 is a view of the main building and booking office at New Biggin taken from the north in May 1965.  The building is of golden-coloured freestone, with red sandstone quoins, plinth and window surrounds. 

Note the short cast-iron lamp standard carrying an oil lamp.

This station became an unstaffed halt in January 1967 and closed to passengers on 4 May 1970.  Goods services had been withdrawn on 7 November 1966.

Figure 56 is a signalling diagram for New Biggin based on information available for 1966, with amendments added for 1972.

Figure 57 is a track layout for New Biggin, based upon a Midland Railway survey for 1911 and an LMS survey for 1931.  The loading dock near bridge No 271 (/location-summaries/structure-283670) was, by an agreement of 17 September 1926, sold to Gotham Co Ltd, who became responsible for the maintenance of this, whilst the railway naturally retained responsibility for the associated track work.