SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 287960

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Plate 166 shows under bridge no 288 (/location-summaries/structure-288330) in October 1964.  It was strengthened in 1904 in line with the Midland Railway decision to upgrade the line.  The wrought-iron members were supplemented by the addition of a steel centre girder, connected to the cross-girders by steel hanger bolts.

This type of bridge is similar to Bridge no 2 at Anley (Plate 6) (/location-summaries/structure-235300) but the need for extensive wing walls with relieving arches does not exist here.

Four additional structures in the Langwathby area were strengthened as part of the programme.
The contract for bridges no 279 (/location-summaries/structure-286560) and no 286 (/location-summaries/structure-287830), together with another seven bridges on the route, was awarded to W Richards, Phoenix Works, Leicester, for the sum of £830.

Bridge no 287, the fourth, was upgraded in a contract awarded to Eastwood, Swingler & Co, Derby for £450 8s 2d (£480.41) for this and four other bridges.