SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 291100

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Plate 175 is a 1963 view looking north showing the connection from the ‘down’ to the ‘up’ main line, and the facing connection from the ‘up’ main.  The 1896 signal box (/location-summaries/structure-290930) occupied a position near the site of the platelayers’ hut (/location-summaries/structure-290970) and bracketed ‘up’ home signal.  The parapet of the viaduct can also be seen (/location-summaries/structure-291100).

Plate 178 is a view of Eden Lacy Viaduct which is 137 yds long and was constructed entirely of local red sandstone between 1871 and 1875.  Four of the six piers are set in the bed of the river Eden, and the nominal diameter of each span is 45ft.  The Engineer’s Department christened the viaduct Long Meg, and the plaster works of the same name can be seen on the extreme right, behind the viaduct.