SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 292770

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Plate 186 shows Lazonby siding in 1913.

The typical Settle & Carlisle style of goods shed (/location-summaries/structure-292740) was provided to hold three wagons.  The wheel scotch, just outside the shed door, was an item usually provided on the rail at each end of a shed where through running was allowed.

Work is being carried out at the wagons at the far end, adjacent to the crane (/location-summaries/structure-292700).  It would appear that the Midland Railway was about to move a large quantity of timber, stored at the yard awaiting shipment.  Lazonby goods yard handled a great deal of lumber from forestry workings in the locality.  Lazonby was also a centre for the auction of livestock, principally sheep, which were moved in large quantities; hence the need for storage of livestock vehicles on the long siding.