SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 298140

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Figure 77 is a plan and elevations for the stone-built type of shelter, from an official drawing.

Plate 202 is a photo of a fine example of the stone waiting shelter at Armathwaite, pictured on 8 June 1968.  Note the diagonally-boarded panels to the doors, the pierced cresting to the roof and the bargeboards, all echoing those to be found on the main building.  Compare the shelter barge boarding with that at other locations, often being to an alternative design.

Plate 205 shows Armathwaite signal box (/location-summaries/structure-298220) which was brought into use on 16 July 1899.  It is of wood construction, measured 16ft 6in x 11ft 6in x 12ft, had a 16 lever tumbler frame, and a renewal cost of £260 (W & W Committee Minute No 17176, 18/5/1899).  It closed on 15 January 1983.

A Midland corrugated-iron oil store is again in evidence (/location-summaries/structure-298210).

In the distance is the waiting room on the 'up' platform.