SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 301060

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Figure 80 shows the track layout for Cotehill, based upon information from a Midland Railway survey of 1912.

Plate 210 is a view looking north over Cotehill Viaduct (/location-summaries/structure-301030) on 23 October 1958.  Note the LMS bridge numberplate on the western parapet and the just visible painted Midland numbers on the eastern side capstone, the end stone of the coping.

Above the western parapet can be seen the terrace of four workers’ houses.

Plate 211 is Cotehill in 1964 showing the detached station master’s house (/location-summaries/structure-301080) and the terrace of four workers’ houses (/location-summaries/structure-301060). The private line to the Robinson’s Knott Hill plaster works originally passed across the field in the foreground, but all evidence had disappeared in the forty or so years from the removal of the siding in 1940.