SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 304240

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Figure 86 shows the track layout for Cumwhinton, based upon information from a Midland Railway survey of 1911.

Plate 215 is an elevation view from the south-east of Cumwhinton, circa 1955.  Pictured from the public over bridge (/location-summaries/structure-304120), south of the station, it shows a medium-sized building (/location-summaries/structure-304140), well-maintained, and complete with all freed bargeboards.  The goods facilities here were more in keeping with those provided in smaller stations (/location-summaries/structure-304210 and /location-summaries/structure-304220).  Note the position of the signal box to the north of the station beside the ‘up’ line.

Plate 216 is another image from the south but this time the south-west on 16 July 1955 - probably also taken form the public over bridge (/location-summaries/structure-304120), south of the station.  Note the poster boards still bearing the legend LMS (some eight years after nationalisation of the railways).  The station closed completely on 5 November 1956.  The signal box can be seen in the distance.

Figure 87 is a signalling diagram for Cumwhinton, based upon information available for 1955.  The signal box was brought into use in 1897, was of wood construction, measured 16ft 6ins x 11ft 6ins x 8ft, had a 16 lever tumbler frame, and a renewal cost of £224 (W& W Committee minute No 15695, 20/5/1897).  It closed on 1 March 1958.