SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 305320

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Figure 89 shows the track layout at Scotby, based upon information from a Midland Railway survey of 1912.

Plate 219 is an elevation view from the north showing Scotby station.  Scotby was the most northerly Midland Railway station, and served a village quite close to Carlisle which may have accounted for its early demise, on 1 February 1942.  A medium-sized building was provided (/location-summaries/structure-305330). The waiting shelter on the ‘up’ platform (/location-summaries/structure-305350), although of a design to be found elsewhere on the Midland system, was uncharacteristic of the Settle & Carlisle line.  The station name boards appear to be much less tall than others, but utilise the cast letters to be seen on the larger angled boards.  The tall lamps use gas for illumination and the tall posts are to the design used elsewhere.

A new signal box was provided in 1897 and occupied a position set in the embankment, where the permanent way hut can be seen (/location-summaries/structure-305190).  However Way & Works Committee Minute No 23768, 4/6/1909, authorised removal of the box, and the provision of a covered lever frame on the ‘down’ platform (to the left of the station building) and levers on the ‘up’ side, (next to the waiting shelter).  One siding only was provided as goods facilities (/location-summaries/structure-305200), although this did have a small cattle dock (/location-summaries/structure-305230) and the services of a crane.