SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 306590

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Plate 221 is a view of Durran Hill South Sidings(/location-summaries/structure-306350) in 1935, photographed from bridge no 360, situated immediately south of Durran Hill Junction box.

Figure 91 is the track layout for Durran Hill South Sidings, based upon an LMS survey of 1942.

Plate 222 is a view looking north towards Petteril Bridge and Carlisle of Durran Hill, circa 1930, from bridge no 360.  The Durran Hill Junction signal box (/location-summaries/structure-306650) is to the right, and the fitting shops (/location-summaries/structure-306660 & /location-summaries/structure-306680) and engine shed (/location-summaries/structure-306720) to the left.

Plate 224 is of the Petteril goods yard, looking south, from the Petteril Goods signal box, circa 1935.  The Durran Hill locomotive depot (/location-summaries/structure-306720) is to the right.  In the distance can be seen bridge no 360 from which the views in Plates 221 & 222 were photographed.  Petteril Goods signal box (/location-summaries/structure-307020) brought into use on 18 October 1891, was of wood construction and measured 25ft x 11ft x 12ft (W & W Committee Minute No 11649, 16 July 1891).  A replacement tappet frame was fitted in 1920 containing 30 levers at 6in centres.  The box was replaced by a ground frame of two levers following closure on 16 July 1965 after the recovery of redundant sidings in 1964.  The ground frame subsequently closed on 25 April 1971.