SCRCA Image: 248480_19xx-xx-xx_BSw_SB_Blea-Moor-Signal-Box-and-Sidings-from-SW

Blea Moor Signal Box and lamp hut plus Blea Moor Sidings from the southwest
Image Notes

Description: Blea Moor Signal Box and the asociated lamp hut, plus Blea Moor Sidings viewed from the southwest. The spoil tips for shafts 1 and 2 of Blea Moor Tunnel are visible in the distance (top-right). A passenger train hauled by an unidentified steam locomotive has just passed beneath Bridge SAC/69 (left-centre).

Date: Not known.

General notes: This image forms part of Bob Swallow's personal collection. Its clarity / quality has been adversely affected by the transfer from slide to digital image. However, it is still clear enough to provide interesting and valuable information.