Review of primary source material at the National Archives (Kew): SCR Construction - Contract 3


The notes below were produced by Peter G. Davies during a series of visits to The National Archives (Kew, Richmond, Surrey) and were derived from a variety of original sources, including indentures and Minutes of the Northern Construction Committee.

The notes are reproduced here with the kind permission of Peter G. Davies and with full acknowledgement to The National Archives, Kew. These notes summarise the available information.


Notes from the Northern Construction Committee Minutes relating to Contract No: 3.

The contract document is not held at the National Archives, however, the Northern Construction Minutes indicate that reasonable progress was made with the contract despite the fact that the workforce could obtain higher wages by working on the land in the summer months rather than the railway. At the onset of winter the workforce returned to work on the railway. The value of the contract was £278,813 10s. 10d.

The information shown for the length of the contract is from Smardale cutting at the northern end of Smardale Viaduct to Newbiggin, a distance of fifteen and a quarter miles.

The shortest contract in terms of distance.

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