SCRCA Knowledge Base for Long Meg Sidings Signal Box (1955 - 2013)

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  • The signal box on this site opened on July 3rd, 1955, replacing a number of earlier ground-frames and signal boxes in different locations.
  • It ceased to be used on a regular basis from around 1975, although it was opened for one day of WCML diversions on November 17th, 1983. It was closed permanently at some point after the latter date.
  • Network Rail lodged a Planing Application with Eden District Council on 4th September 2012 requesting permission to demolish the structure (Planning Application Number 12/0781).
    Further information regarding this planning application can be found in this
  • On 7th November 2012 Eden District Council decided to GRANT conservation area consent for the demolition of this structure subject to work commencing within three years of the decision date.
  • The structure was demolished during the second half of January 2013 and all that remained on 31st January 2013 was a newly levelled area of ground marking its former site.


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