SCRCA Note: Locomotive facilities at Garsdale Head

Submitted by mark.harvey / Sat, 27/04/2019 - 15:15
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During the planning stages for the construction of its Settle and Carlisle Railway, the Midland Railway Company planned to construct a large locomotive servicing area at Garsdale Head. A report to the Settle and Carlisle Construction Committee on October 1st, 1872 recommended the provision of

"a steam shed to hold 24 engines with adequate water supply".

These plans were subsequently revised and, in February 1874, a new proposal was presented to the Committee. This recommended a shed to accommodate 12 engines and a water tank to hold 36,000 gallons. This too was revised and, when the station was constructed, the locomotive provision consisted of the following:

  • At the south end of the station: a tank house (with associated water cranes) and a small engine shed (designed for stabling a single locomotive).
  • At the north end of the station, a short siding with a turntable.

For links to the relevant structures at Garsdale, see below.