SCRCA Primary Reference: Review of F.S. Williams (1876) for Langcliffe Lime Works

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Source: "The Midland railway: its rise and progress. A narrative of modern enterprise" by Frederick Smeeton Williams, published by Strahan & Co London (1876). The following extract is from pages 484-5:

"We now pass the works of the Craven Lime Company, which, by favour of the Midland authorities, had for some time past been sending off large quantities of lime and limestone by the then unopened railway. The great kiln is formed by one continuous chamber, built in an oval, and communicating with the flue, so that the fire is never allowed to go out, but keeps travelling round. The workmen stack the coal and lime in front of the fire, and when the lime is burnt and has become cold, it is unloaded, and the kiln is restacked. The lime is said to be of admirable quality for fluxing, bleaching, and agricultural purposes, as it is nearly perfectly pure."