SCRCA Primary Reference: Review of station plan "Midland Railway Hawes Junction" (RFB28274)

Submitted by mark.harvey / Wed, 19/02/2020 - 10:44
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This detailed and attractive coloured plan (drawn at a scale of "40 Feet to an Inch") depicts the earthworks, structures, track layout and signalling arrangements at Hawes Junction Station (now Garsdale) on the Settle and Carlisle Railway. A handwritten annotation indicates that it was surveyed in November 1903 by W. J. Hare.

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The plan also includes a number of later additions / alterations, most notably:

  • An annotation in pencil stating "10th Dec 1903. Mr Argyle decided nothing to be done at present owing to encroachment on headroom (Reduced 1'0") necessitated by widening Br. 115".
  • An undated annotation in pencil close to - and possibly associated with - the above, stating (in the form of a calculation):
    "underside girder 47.25"
    "present headway 13.75"
    "ground under 33.50" (Note: the text for this line is extremely difficult to decipher and it may have been transcribed incorrectly. However, the numbers are clear.)
  • Nearby, an undated pencil drawing that seems to indicate a proposed, planned or implemented simplification of the track arrangement near the cattle dock, whereby the double-slip crossing depicted on the original plan is replaced by a sequence of two single turnouts).
  • An undated annotation in pencil stating "tipping siding laid in 1908 See G.P. plan No. 170". This relates to Location ID 256900.
  • An undated annotation in pencil stating "10ft space for Sig See G.P. plan No. 176" with pencil alterations to a nearby ground signal and bracket signal.
  • Annotations in red ink recording the ground work, building work and demolition work associated with the construction of the present signal box (Structure 256700) and the removal of the two earlier signal boxes (Structures 256540 and 256760) and a related annotation in pencil stating "corrections in red made July 21st 1924".
  • Undated annotations in pencil stating "up advance starter" and "point where wheels mounted rails". (These notes probably relate to a relatively minor derailment, rather than a major accident.)

To reduce file-download times, the plan has been significantly reduced in size (without significant loss of information or clarity).


The station plan has been uploaded to the SCRCA Project database with acknowledgements to the Roy F. Burrows Midland Collection (item reference RFB28274) housed at the Midland Railway Study Centre (MRSC) in Derby. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License:

Text by Mark R. Harvey (© Mark R. Harvey, 2020).