SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 236340

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Figure 3 shows the 1926 trackplan for the Settle Station area (including the goods yard and passenger facilites and the location of the signal box).

Plate 9 is a very useful B&W context photograph taken from the south end of the 'Down' platform looking south. It shows the trackwork leading past the original 'Up' side water crane (SCRCA Structure ref 236400) into the goods yard. Settle Station Signal Box (in its original location - SCRCA Structure ref 236340) and the goods shed (SCRCA Structure ref 236330) are visible in the distance.

Plate 10 is a very useful B&W context photograph that shows the area immediately to the north of the signal box in 1939: this includes the central area of the goods yard, the carriage and cattle docks, the access tracks linking the yard with the main running lines and the passenger station.

Plate 12 shows the north elevation of Settle Station Signal Box (i.e. its location before it was moved in 1997 to its current position at the south end of 'up' platform) and its position adjacent to the north end of the goods shed (SCRCA structure ref 236330). The accompanying text refers to the box's dimensions ["21ft. 6in. x 11ft. 6in. x 8ft."], the date of the box's construction ["1891"] the type of lever frame that it contained ["20 lever tumbler frame"] and the box's closure date ["1984"].