SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 247780

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Plate 45 is a B&W photograph taken from the south on 15th April 1967 showing the full length of the viaduct. The caption states that the decision on the number of arches (18 or 24) was not decided "until December 1872" and that the decision depended on the relative availability of stonemasons vs. navvies. Figures quoted for the structure are: overall length = 440 yards; number of spans = 24; span of each arch = 45ft nominal. The source of the stone is stated as being "Selside and Ribblehead".

Plate 46 is an undated B&W photograph taken from close to the base of the viaduct [poorly] illustrating the difference between the 'king' piers (stated as being "18ft. thick at the spring") and normal piers (stated as being 6ft thick). The height of the structure is stated to be 104 ft.