SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 257050

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Plate 89 is a context view from the north east showing Dandrymire Viaduct, sometimes referred to as Moorcock Viaduct.  Dandry Mire was the site of Moorcock Viaduct, which was created following problems encountered trying to produce the originally planned embankment.  For months, earth was tipped, but sank into the moss.  Finally in 1871 , the seat of the embankment was drained and a trench was cut into the peat to find solid bottom for the foundation of a viaduct.  The resulting 227yd long curved structure contained twelve openings varying from 44ft 3in to 45ft.  The 4th and 8th piers of this all-stone structure were strengthened.

Plate 92 includes on the right hand side a view of the five most northerly openings of the viaduct.