SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 280025

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Plate 147 is a 1963 view from the south of a small development for the Laporte Chemical Company.  Barytes, produced by the Silverband mine, was carried by aerial rope-way from a crushing plant at the mine to the bunker and hopper located by a new siding (/location-summaries/structure-280025) to the right of the goods shed. (/location-summaries/structure-280040) (See Fig. 52).  By the time the photograph was taken the siding had been removed.  The goods shed is for three wagons, as originally planned. 

Figure 52 shows the track layout for the Goods Yard and Silverband Mine Siding (/location-summaries/structure-280025) at Long Marton, based on an LMS survey carried out in 1941.