SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 288180

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Plate 165 is an elevation view in 1966 from the north showing the whole of the Langwathby station including the main station building and booking office (/location-summaries/structure-288280) on the down platform (/location-summaries/structure-288290), the waiting room (/location-summaries/structure-288270) on the up platform (/location-summaries/structure-288300), the goods shed and the signal box (/location-summaries/structure-288140).

Figure 60 is the Langwathby track layout based upon a Midland railway survey for 1913.

Figure 62 shows side and end elevations of a three-wagon goods shed, based upon Midland Railway contract drawing of 1874.  The road side elevation was officially termed as the front.

Plate 169 is an elevation view from July 1967 of Langwathby three-wagon Goods Shed which was out of railway use when the photograph was taken.  The lozenge style windows were a distinctive feature of Settle & Carlisle goods sheds, although the pattern varied at different locations.