SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 288280

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Plate 164 is an elevation view from the south of the medium sized station building taken in August 1966.  Most of the oil lamps are mounted on wooden posts against the fence and have replaced lamps on tall cast- iron fluted columns.  However, as at New Biggin (/location-summaries/structure-283350) and Lazonby (/location-summaries/structure-292560), one square lamp, mounted on a shortened cast post, has been retained to mark the entrance/exit to the platform.

Plate 165 is an elevation view in 1966 from the north showing the whole of the Langwathby station including the main station building and booking office on the down platform (/location-summaries/structure-288290), the waiting room (/location-summaries/structure-288270) on the up platform (/location-summaries/structure-288300), the goods shed (/location-summaries/structure-288180) and the signal box (/location-summaries/structure-288140).

The station closed to passengers on 4 May 1970 after being unstaffed since 1967;  closure to goods was on 6 June 1964.

Figure 60 is the Langwathby track layout based upon a Midland railway survey for 1913.

Plate 167 is an elevation view from the south of the main station building and booking office from around 1900.  Whilst the view may appear as though there have been no changes between this 1900 view and that in Plate 165 from 1966 (see above), there are a number of changes.  In 1900 there is a Midland angled-namebooard, vertical fencing, tall lamp standards, notice boards, painting schemes, window-boxes, etc.

The presence of milk churns reminds us that the farmers moved a considerable volume of milk north from the Eden valley stations, much of it being sent to Newcastle.