SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 290840

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Figure 65 is the trackplan for Long Meg Sidings from a Midland Railway Survey of 1912 and this shows a signal box on the 'Up' side to the north of the siding turnout (see SCRCA Structure 290930).

Figure 66 is the trackplan based on an LMS landplan dated 1927 and no signal box is shown - the caption states that the sidings were controlled via a "covered lever stage (ground-frame)" at this period.

Plate 174 is a photograph of Long Meg signalbox at about the turn of the 20th century. These illustrations and the associated captions offer interesting contextual / background information for the Long Meg Sidings area, but they are not directly relevant to this structure (ID 290840).

Figure 67 shows the trackplan based on a BR proposal dated 1953 and this shows the proposed location of what became structure 290840.

Plates 175 and 176 are interesting contextual photographs of the Long Meg Sidings area in 1963 and 1964 - i.e. within the operational period of this structure (ID 290840).

Plate 177 shows this structure (ID 290840 - Long Meg signal box) and its associated lamp hut from the south in September 1963. The caption states that the signal box began operational life on 3rd July 1955. It also gives measurements for the structure (28ft 4in x 13ft 10in x 10ft), details of the fabric (brick/timber composite construction), details of the lever frame (a 40 lever standard 1943 pattern 6in centre frame) and brief details of the structure's closure in 1983 (some eight years after the withdrawal of rail facilities for the mines). The box was opened for one day on 17 November 1983 to allow for diversionary working, following a mishap on the West Coast Main Line.

Figure 68 is the signalling diagram for 1955 - i.e. shortly after the construction of this structure (ID 290840).