SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 302890

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Figure 81 is a diagram of the track layout at Howe & Company's Siding, based upon a Midland Railway survey of 6 August 1886 in connection with the provision of a private siding to the brick and tile works of Mr Claude Lonsdale.  By 1912, the works of this company went under the name of the Carlisle Brick and Tile Co.  Note the position of the signal box (/location-summaries/structure-302900) on the 'up' side, this box had twelve levers, two of which were spare.  The connection to the siding is from the 'down' side only, with no direct communication on the 'up' side.

Figure 82 is the track layout for the Sidings based upon information from an LMS survey of 1927.  By the time, the Gotham Company of Nottingham had taken over interest in the Cocklake's alablaster works (formerly Howe & Co.). This change appeared in amendments in 1921, although there was an Agreement with the LMS, dated 14 November 1924.  The signal box (/location-summaries/structure-302930) was replaced to the position shown here, in 1916.  The private siding for the Thomas Hamilton Company,(/location-summaries/structure-303010) shown on the Midland Railway map, was an extension of the northerly Howe & Co Siding headshunt.  Hamilton Company changed its name to Messrs Wright in 1918.  The siding was taken out of use in 1924.
Figure 83 is the track layout for Howe & Company's Siding, based upon information from a BR survey dated February 1963.  Connection to the siding for the Lonsdale Brick and Tile Works is still intact, although the Agreement with the Company terminated on 30 June 1964, the trackwork was taken away from 11 October 1964.  This made it possible to remodel connections with the Howe & Co Siding.  Note the additional 'run around' positioned behind the box, and also the extra private sidings.  All these were added in 1943 as a result of the wartime requirement of the Ministry of Supply.

Figure 84 is the signalling diagram for Howe & Company's Siding, based upon information available for 1963.