SCRCA Image: 253381_1981-11-28_RCTS_Dent-Station_Context-view-to-SSE-with-A4-No-4498

Context view of Dent Station (looking SSE) with A4 No. 4498 'Sir Nigel Gresley'.
Image Notes

This delightful view of Dent Station and upper Dentdale was taken from Bridge SAC/96 (looking SSE).

The 'Cumbrian Mountain Pullman' train is standing alongside the 'Down' platform. This features class A4 steam locomotive No. 4498 'Sir Nigel Gresley' and a set of passenger carriages in BR blue-grey livery.

The light dusting of snow on the ground gives the scene a wintry feel. Despite this, a couple of dozen passengers have alighted from the train and are standing on the platform.

The following details are also worthy of note:

  • The booking office and waiting room have both been fenced-off from the adjacent sections of platform.
  • There is a set of stairs beside (to the north of) the waiting shelter. These seem to provide access from the 'Up' platform to the land beyond the retaining wall. If you know why these were installed / what they were used for, please contact us.