SCRCA Heritage Hotspot 12: Carlisle

This page allows you to 'virtually visit' Carlisle Citadel Station, the northern limit of the Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area (SCRCA).

Beyond Petteril Bridge Junction, the SCRCA Project covers just two locations: the station and the nearby signal box. Both of these locations lie beyond the SCRCA Project's core area of interest. However, they have been included in the database because they mark the northern terminus of a rail journey through the Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area (SCRCA). To keep things simple, the station has been treated as a single 'structure' (although it is actually a collection of dozens of separate structures). This entire station is a masterpiece of Victorian engineering and it has a fascinating history, both of which more than justify its inclusion in this database. A virtual and / or real-world visit to the station is highly recommended.

Practical Considerations

If you are considering a 'real world' visit to Carlisle Citadel Station, you might like to note the following:

  • In addition to a staffed ticket office, this very large station houses a number of commercial retail outlets.
  • The station is located just a few hundred yards from Carlisle city centre. This delightful cathedral city offers a wide variety of local amenities and a visit is highly recommended.
  • Useful information for rail-passengers (e.g. details of station facilities, fares and train times) can be obtained from the following:

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