SCRCA Location Variant: Milepost - MR2 - Half mile

Midland Railway Company standard design ½ milepost - half mile


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SCRCA Location Type: Milepost

Location ID: 231500

Milepost 231½

Location ID: 232500

Milepost 232½

Location ID: 233500

Milepost 233½

Location ID: 235500

Milepost 235½

Location ID: 236500

Milepost 236½

Location ID: 237500

Milepost 237½

Location ID: 238500

Milepost 238½

Location ID: 239500

Milepost 239½

Location ID: 240500

Milepost 240½

Location ID: 241500

Milepost 241½

Location ID: 242500

Milepost 242½

Location ID: 246500

Milepost 246½

Location ID: 247500

Milepost 247½

Location ID: 253500

Milepost 253½

Location ID: 255500

Milepost 255½

Location ID: 259500

Milepost 259½

Location ID: 260500

Milepost 260½

Location ID: 261500

Milepost 261½

Location ID: 262500

Milepost 262½

Location ID: 263500

Milepost 263½

Location ID: 266500

Milepost 266½

Location ID: 267500

Milepost 267½

Location ID: 269500

Milepost 269½

Location ID: 277500

Milepost 277½

Location ID: 281500

Milepost 281½

Location ID: 283500

Milepost 283½

Location ID: 284500

Milepost 284½

Location ID: 286500

Milepost 286½

Location ID: 287500

Milepost 287½

Location ID: 288500

Milepost 288½

Location ID: 289500

Milepost 289½

Location ID: 290500

Milepost 290½

Location ID: 298500

Milepost 298½

Location ID: 302500

Milepost 302½

Location ID: 306500

Milepost 306½


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