SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 277050

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The name “Appleby” was changed to “Appleby West” in 1952 to avoid confusion with the ex-NER station “Appleby East”.  After the NER station closed in 1962, the Midland station reverted to the original”Appleby”  in May 1968.

Plate 136 is an image from 29 July 1965 showing the Appleby plant of the Express Dairy Company which was situated half a mile south of Appleby station.  Milk was taken to Cricklewood for the benefit of people in London.  Connections were made with the railway during 1930/31 and extended in 1935. 

A ground frame (Appleby West ground frame) consisting of five levers, was released from Appleby West signal box and closed on 11 January 1970.

Figure 47 shows the signalling diagram for Appleby West based upon information from 1965.
Figure 48 details in three parts - a, b and c - the track layout at Appleby based upon information from an LMS survey of 1946 with other information from Midland Railway surveys for 1911 and 1912.

Plate 137 shows Appleby West signal box in 1973.  The box was originally called "Appleby" signal box, which was changed to "Appleby Station” for a period between 1937 and 1945 when it became “Appleby West”.

The box was brought into use in 1890.  It was of wood construction, measured 22ft x 11ft 6in x 12ft and contained a 21 lever Midland tumbler frame (later 22 levers for the creamery ground frame release).  The box closed on 14 October 1973.

Plate 138 is a context view of Appleby taken from the footbridge looking south on 22 August 1964.  In the distance can be seen the outline of the Express Dairy Company Creamery.  On the left, part hidden by trees, is the water tank (/location-summaries/structure-277210).  The goods shed for five wagons (/location-summaries/structure-277100) can be seen beyond the goods train on the down line, and across the line from this is Appleby West signal box.  In the goods yard extensive facilities were provided for the movement of livestock with a 10 wagon cattle dock (/location-summaries/structure-277200)  A small stable was provided to the rear of the goods yard.  The main building and booking office (/location-summaries/structure-277270) is on the right of the image.