SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 277360

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The name “Appleby” was changed to “Appleby West” in 1952 to avoid confusion with the ex-NER station “Appleby East”.  After the NER station closed in 1962, the Midland station reverted to the original”Appleby”  in May 1968.

Figure 48 details in three parts - a, b and c - the track layout at Appleby based upon information from an LMS survey of 1946 with other information from Midland Railway surveys for 1911 and 1912.

Figure 49 is a signalling diagram for Appleby North based upon information available for 1965.

Plates 141 and 142 are context views looking north from similar positions in Appleby Station; Plate 141 from 1939 and Plate 142 from 1966.

In Plate 141 Appleby North Junction and signal box can be seen beyond the platforms.  This Midland box was brought into use in 1890 and was of wood construction.  Records indicate that the signal box was destroyed by fire and 4 June 1951.  A new box (/location-summaries/structure-277420) and frame was provided on a site diagonally opposite, in a fork of the junction as can be seen in Plate 142.

Plate 142 shows the new signal box (/location-summaries/structure-277420) built in 1951.  It was a wood construction, measured 22ft 1in x 11ft 6ins x 10ft and was a LMS design and contained a standard pre-1943 lever frame with 20 levers at 41/2in centres.  The frame was extended to 21 levers and later to 25 levers (22/07/73) in connection with the closure of Appleby West signal box.

Bridge SAC/237 - Station Road (PROW - minor road) (/location-summaries/structure-277320) can be seen in the foreground on both Plates 141 and 142.