SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of FoSCL Journal for 236390

Submitted by mark.harvey / Sat, 26/01/2013 - 14:26
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An article on pages 7-8 of the August 1997 edition states that Settle Station Signal Box was moved from its original operational position at 236m29.5c on the 'up' side (see SCRCA Structure ID 236340) to its current location at 236m36c on the 'up' side (this SCRCA Structure) overnight on 14th / 15th June 1997. The article explains the reasons for the move; describes what was involved; and includes two small B&W photographs: the first showing the signal box after loading onto six rail-mounted trolleys, the second showing the signal box in its new (i.e. current) location. The article also mentions FoSCL's plan to restore the signal box and to open it as a museum (all of which has subsequently happened).