SCRCA Heritage Hotspot 07: Kirkby Stephen Station

This page allows you to 'virtually visit' the Kirkby Stephen Station section of the Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area (SCRCA).

Practical Considerations

If you are considering a 'real world' visit to Kirkby Stephen Station, you might like to note the following:

  • The market town of Kirkby Stephen is approximately two miles from the station.
  • A bus route passes the bottom of the station drive, but services are infrequent and rarely connect well with the train service. For information relating to this bus service, visit the Traveline website -
  • There is no pavement alongside the VERY FAST, VERY BUSY and VERY DANGEROUS main road into town, but a tarmac-surfaced walking route has been provided through the adjacent fields as far as Halfpenny House (the former lodge for Wharton Hall). To use this path, exit the 'Up' platform (the one served by Leeds-bound trains) via the gate beside the main station building and walk in a straight line across the station car park to the wire fence. From this point, you will be able to see both the footpath and the gate from the station drive that provides access to it. Find, then follow this path across the fields as far as Halfpenny House (it's the first house you'll come to). At this point, turn LEFT and follow the drive until it reaches the main road. From this point, there is a pavement beside the main road all the way into the town centre.
  • If you are able and willing to walk along an unpaved (and often muddy) public footpath and negotiate stiles, there is a much more pleasant route into town from Halfpenny House. This public footpath crosses pasture land, follows the west bank of the River Eden and passes beside Stenkrith Falls / through Stenkrith Woods. However, you will need to have (and know how to use) a suitable 1;25,000 map in order to find and follow this route.
  • The former main station building now houses two holiday lets. For further information, see
  • Useful information for rail-passengers (e.g. details of station facilities, fares and train times) can be obtained from the following:

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